Corn Maze Tips

How to Get Lost and How to Find Your Way Out

Never been to a corn maze?
Wonder if there are any corn maze secrets?
Want to master your skills and beat last year’s time?

Are you ready for what’s become a big fall tradition for many? Corn mazes can be a fun challenge for many—and anyone can do it. No talent or experience needed! Both children and adults can work together to navigate through and out of a corn maze.

At Kersey Valley Maize Adventure, we also include a mystery game with your corn maze experience. You can work together to solve the mystery. And you may also want to take turns choosing directions so that each person feels that they are part of the decision-making.

What to Bring to a Corn Maze

Before you head to Maize Adventure, we recommend a few things to make your experience more fun and enjoyable.

  • Good walking shoes – You’ll be walking for about an hour, so you’ll want your feet to be comfortable.
  • Appropriate clothing – Fall in North Carolina brings a variety of conditions. It may be hot and sunny or cool and windy on the day of your visit. Please check the weather conditions before you leave and dress appropriately.
  • Water – Walking makes you thirsty, especially if it is a hot day. You can bring your own water or purchase a drink from our on-site vending machines or midway concessions. We just ask that you bring out of the corn what you take in.
  • Snacks – You can bring a snack into the corn with you. We ask that you are careful not to discard food wrappers, drink containers, and other waste in the corn maze.
  • Bug repellant – Bugs are usually not a problem in our corn maze, but bug bites can happen. If you are sensitive, you may want to use bug repellant before entering the corn.
  • Sunscreen – If it’s a sunny day, you will have sun exposure in the corn. So, be sure to use sunscreen as needed. (If you need to use both sunscreen and bug repellant, use sunscreen first.)
  • A readiness to get lost!
corn maze tips
You’ll find a Corn Maze map at the entrance and at every station throughout the maze.

Corn Maze Tips and Secrets

Now that you’re prepared for your Maize Adventure, we want to give you a few corn maze tips and secrets that may help as you navigate the maze.

Use the bathroom before entering the maze. This goes for kids and adults. There are no bathrooms on the maze paths. We have state-of-the-art bathrooms available for use any time during your visit.

Pay attention to the maps. At each of our six check points, you’ll find a map of the maze noting your current location. Look for the checkpoints you haven’t found yet and the quickest route there.

Yes, we know with today’s technology people are taking pictures of the map and taking that with them. If you want an easier challenge or if you want to navigate as you memorize your way on each map, that’s up to you. (Be sure your phone is charged before you arrive.)

Listen for noisy areas. If you hear a lot of conversation and activity, chances are there’s a checkpoint nearby. You may have to travel down a few paths to get there, but you’ll find it soon.

Look for landmarks. Have you been on a path before? Perhaps you noticed a particular intersection or ear of corn, or maybe someone dropped a water bottle in the maze. These can be landmarks to let you know where you are and where you’ve been. (We do appreciate it if you don’t leave litter in the maze, though, so that others can enjoy their experience after you.)

Keep your group together. It’s challenging enough finding your way through a corn maze, but if your group decides to try different paths, it won’t be long before you find yourself a distance apart. We find that that families and groups that stay together get through the maze quicker.

Ask others for help. We have guides wandering through the corn maze all day. So, if you bump into a guide, feel free to ask for assistance. Or perhaps you meet a group that’s just found a checkpoint. Feel free to help each other out.

Stay calm. If you get lost or panicked, stay where you are. Take a deep breath and stay calm. Wave your hand up high or shout out for some help. Our guides will make their way to you.

Respect the Maze. Please respect our property and the maze. Please don’t tamp down the corn, as that alters the maze for everyone. We also ask that you don’t eat any corn. It is not grown for human consumption. Corn stalks can also be sharp.

Play our corn maze game. Each year, we create a fun game for all to play. If you skip any check-in stations, you might regret it, then have to turn back to find them.

Get social. The corn maze is a great way to meet people and make connections. You may be able to compare notes and help each other. Happy navigating!

What If There’s an Emergency?

If you need to exit the corn maze quickly and can’t find your way out, we are on hand to help you. We have guides throughout the corn who can lead you to an exit. If you don’t see a guide nearby, we have team members watching over the maze from our observation tower. You may not see us, but we can see you. Simply wave your hands high, and we will get help to you.

At Kersey Valley Maize Adventure, we want you to be able to relax and have fun—and know that if there is an emergency, our team will jump into action.

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Ready to find your way out of the corn maze?

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